Strong PAC implementation Warning : As part of new security features, members must now change their Personal Access Code (PAC) to a more secure alphanumeric code. This new PAC will be used going forward and your old 5-digit PAC will no longer work.

In order to change your Personal Access Code:

  1. Enter your current Personal Access Code;
  2. Choose a new Personal Access Code and enter it;
  3. Re-enter your new chosen Personal Access Code.


  1. Be 9-30 characters in length;
  2. contain 1 upper case letter;
  3. contain 1 lower case letter;
  4. contain 1 number; and
  5. contain one other character chosen from the following characters:   – . , # : ? | ( ) ‘ \ / @ $  !

 For HELP, click on the “Help” Icon for further information.

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